Pearle Shannon is a New York City-based actor and singer with experience in Film, VO, Stage, Modeling, and Directing. Although she is known to have the soul of a 65 year old man, moving from North Carolina to New York City at 17 was a big leap. Graduating from The New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts with an Associate’s degree in 2019, they are dedicated and excited for what life has in store. After college, she was lucky enough to be able to continue classes with Ms. Ruth Nerken through the pandemic, and is currently studying with Ben Kiley.

Pearle prides them-self on bringing a positive and professional energy to set, having been called a comforting and professional presence by many of her peers. Since graduating, Pearle has booked: 5 films ( 3 shorts, 1 music video, and 1 web series), 1 Network lead, 1 Guest Star, 1 Off-Off-Broadway play, 3 theatre productions, 2 Staged Readings, 2 interactive modeling jobs, and 3 voice-over productions.

Between their time acting and dog sitting she is also a Civil War reenactor and history nerd. Pearle is very passionate about all things art, history, combat, and animals. Look and listen to her recent and upcoming work in Evil Lives Here: Shadows of Death (Season 4, Episode 5 “Devil in Disguise”), the film “Across”, Neil Learner and Jordan Jacobson’s “Mann Overboard”, and The Pressure Players “Dawn of a Great Panic” and “Goodbye Englands Rose”