New Project!

Hello again!

I am so excited to announce that I have been cast in my first play in New York City! It will be my first ever public performance since I graduated High School and I cannot think of a better role! “The Song of the Great Horned Rabbit” is a one act, fantastical comedy, written and directed by James Barone for the Manhattan Repratory Theater. Link to tickets:

“The Song of the Great Horned Rabbit” is about two travelers who stumble across a mysterious diner in the Valley. They enter and are swept up by a magical jackalope. Craziness and hilarity ensues. It is coming up on July 18th, 20th, and 21st at Manhattan Repratory Theater! I am so incredibly excited for this role, I love her so much . I get to play out my childhood fantasy of being a Renaissance Queen (how does that correlate with a small diner in the Vally you ask? Come see the show to find out)!

I hope you can come see, eveyone in the cast is really phenominal and James Barone is absolutely wonderful. See you soon!

Thank you,

Pearle Shannon

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