“Addressing Gettysburg” Podcast

Hello, hello again!

I said in my first post that there would be a seperate post for the podcast “Addressing Gettysburg” so here it is!

Addressing Gettysburg” is a podcast about the town and the battle of Gettysburg during the civil war. The first episode is about the leadup and background before the first shot. Matt Callery is the creator, writer, editor, narrator, director… basically the whole kit and caboodle of “Addressing Gettysburg“. The podcast style is very Ken Burns, but without the pictures or video. Think of a higher pitched, younger version of Ken Burns narrator, in great detail, the wonderful and gory details of the Gettysburg Campaign, and you’ve got Matt Callery in “Addressing Gettysburg“. If you like the American Civil War, or even enjoy listening to audiobooks at all, give “Addressing Gettysburg” a listen!

Since I follow a lot of Civil War and history Instagrams, I found “Addressing Gettysburg” through an advertisement on Instagram. Matt was calling for voice actors and history lovers, and I filled both of those categories so I decided to audition. I was apparently the only one to follow the instructions for the audition so I immediately got the part; even though the sound quality was horrible because the recording booth at school was broken and I wasn’t aware of that. After a few weeks of communicating with Matt, I found out that I had the role of Tillie Pierce, a young girl from the town of Gettysburg. 

Tillie Pierce was 15 during the time of the battle and later on in her life she wrote a highly acclaimed true account of what she experienced during the battle in her book “At Gettysburg, or What a Girl Saw and Heard of the Battle: A True Narrative“. Her amazing account fills this podcast with quotes about the touching, horrific, gruesome, and chaotic experiences of battle; quotes that I am lucky enough to read. 

I also am one of the vocalists on the podcast, and somehow I wound up getting my parents on the podcast as well. One of my parents plays Sarah Broadhead, a young mother in the town of Gettysburg during the battle, and my the other is the main musician. She plays the trumpet, guitar, flugelhorn, bugal, banjo, and mandolin. We are all over this podcast!

I also directed part of the first episode and have just been asked to direct the second episode! This podcast truly touches my heart and I am so incredibly excited to be a part of it. The fact that I get to combine two of the things that I love the most, Civil War History (specifically Gettysburg) and acting makes my heart flutter. 

Feel free to check out their Instagram @addressingettysburg and please give the podcast a listen! You can find it anywhere you find your podcast: ITunes, Stitcher, Spotify, ect! Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy!

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